How Powerful Is Your Brain?

The human brain is so efficient that it consumes less juice than a dim light bulb and fits incredibly well inside our skull. Biology does a lot with a little- the human genome, which grows our body and directs us through years of complex life, requires less data than a mobile operating system. The human brain contains more than… READ MORE ➤➤

Few Big Media Companies and Their Many Faces│illusion of Choice

⇩Dec. 28, 2017 ➭ 5 MIN READ⇩
In 2016, AT&T Inc. announced it has reached a $85 billion deal to acquire Time Warner Inc. – that is now being sued by the Department of Justice. If the deal goes through, the telecom giant will gain control of a media empire including CNN, HBO, TBS, and TNT. The deal follows another major acquisition in 2014, when AT&T acquired… READ MORE ➤➤